Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Leaving Aurora behind...

Move along, move along, just to make it through...

So, right now I'm on the move again. I've got my bag packed and am all set to get out of Aurora, although it makes me sad to leave...this place is actually really beautiful. I can't tell you about the number of places I've had to leave that I really really liked. It sucks hardcore. It's gonna be a couple miles hike to the next town, so don't expect to see me for a while! Okay? Don't worry I promise I'll be alright. Maybe I'll get pictures of our Slenderfriend while I walk if he shows up. x3

Um...I've been thinking a little bit. About Slenderman, actually, and whether he comes out more in the day or more in the night. I wonder about it because usually I'm notpaying attention or counting my sightings up. I see him a lot of course throughout the day...but always at a distance. That's the benefit of running, I suppose. Never seen Him up close just yet...*knocks on wood* heeee x3

But really I mean I have like a dozen notebooks I should fill them with something right? So like while I'm out there on my walk, I'll record my findings and post them up for you guys to see. I hope it helps! I'd really like to contribute something to this whole nightmare we're all living in like, to help people and stuff! And I figure that knowing when it's safe to go out and when it's not is a pretty important thing to know when you're on the run from him don't you?

And uhm...aside from that, I've been musing on Slenderman's origins and his nature lately. Whenever he shows up it's like...like walking around in a dream, or looking at one. The rest of the world is perfectly ordinary, the way it's supposed to be...but he isn't. He's like staring at something that just...shouldn't be there. It almost seems to me that he IS some sort of dream. So what are some things we know about him?

1. He was created on Something Awful, or at least it seems that way.
2. His presence seems almost dream-like for those who can see him.
3. Nothing about him seems 'right.' There is just something about him which is 'off' at all times.
4. When he touches you, it hurt. A LOT.

M and I have talked about #4 there a lot because we both agree that it's like very painful and very scary to get touched by Slenderman. It's like bit by bit, the world falls away and you just see and hear and feel...blankness. I don't really know how to describe it I'm sorry guys but it's too weird. From what I can tell, this is how Slenderman hallows people out, he turns them into the Blank like that. It's really freaky stuff I think but also very fascinating...

Like because I wonder, did we create him from our dreams? Is he a product of the collective fear of humanity, poured out into the real world into this very real, very dangerous new enemy? If so, on what realm does Slenderman exist? Perhaps he exists in a realm of dreams, one where he can bend minds and float from place to place effortlessly in seconds, like he does. It would make sense and explain why he seems so wrong being in our world. He isn't meant to be in our world, because he's actually nothing but a dream. A dream made reality that can tear the fabric of the universe apart.

Yeeeeeah, um...nice going, humanity.

I know none of this makes much sense but I need something for my mind to chew on while I'm off on my walk these next few days, so I may get back to you if I have any more breakthroughs regarding 'Dream Theory.' <3

Aaaaaaand I should probably get the hell outta here. I can hear the couple who's house I'm sitting around, stealing internet in waking up now and I don't think they'd be very happy to find a gangly, red-haired teenage girl bumming around on their couch. hehe Bye guys!

Peace and Love,

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