Friday, March 16, 2012


Hi guys! I hope you weren't too worried about me while I was away, I know that last post was, like, a little emotional and blah and I don't want to talk about it. Elan made me feel better and I still managed to record my findings on the day vs. night experiment, so we're all set for some science-ing up in this bitch! hehe

I have a little purple notebook I carry with me at all times, along with a gaggle of other things, that I recorded my sightings in as a means of painting a picture of how frequently and in what manner Slenderman shows up during my travels. Because I'm not very good at staying up high and roof-jumping like M says you're supposed to, I see him around a little more often than I'd like, but I guess that works out for this experiment because it gives me several sightings to record. I had like thirteen sightings in one day.

Here are my notes:

Sighting 1, Date 8/3/11:

Time- 11:23 A.M.
Place- West of Comanche National Grassland in Colorado
Distance- Roughly fifty-five feet to my left.
Day or Night?- Day
Other Notes-
This was a standard sighting and he didn't do anything special besides creep me out a whole bunch, just like always. I guess this was my 'wake up call' from Mr. Slendershit.

Sighting 2, 8/3:

Time- 12:22 P.M.
Place- North of Kirkwell
Distance- About 75 to 80 feet, directly ahead of me, standing near a gas station.
Day or Night?- Day
Other Notes-
Another fairly standard sighting, this was on my way into Kirkwell, when I was stopping for a soda to boost my energy. I looooove me some Mountain Dew. I do NOT like me some Eldritch horror at noon.

Sighting 3, 8/3:

Time- 3:59 P.M.
Place- Somewhere in the countryside of Oklahoma
Distance- Ten or so feet away, behind a tree I had made the mistake of approaching for shade; it's fucking hot in the south okay?!
Day or Night?- Day
Other Notes-
Admittedly this was not my smartest decision, but I really needed to cool off somehow and those trees were the only things in sight.  After that I ran the hell away, which leads me to the next few sightings.

Sightings 4, 5, & 6 8/3:

Time- Between 4:10 P.M. and 4:35 P.M.
Place- During my mad dash away from the tree-line I made the mistake of going near.
Distance- S4: Approx. five feet away, S5: Approx. three feet away, S6: Approx. nineteen feet away.
Day or Night?- Day
Other Notes-
These last four were the last of my day-light sightings, and they all took place within the same period of time as I was running away from the trees. It was a foolish mistake and I can't believe I did what I did but hindsight is twenty-twenty I guess. Plus I'm out of breath now. He appeared and disappeared in front of me and around me several times during my sprint, and I was unable to avoid being brushed up against by one of the tentacles during S5. It still burns like hell. After this, I didn't see him again for several hours.

Sighting 8, 8/3:

Time- 8:34 P.M
Place- Stratford, Texas
Distance- I'd estimate about twenty to thirty feet away, standing across the street from the hotel I was attempting to check into.
Day or Night?- Night
Other Notes-
I was checking into a hotel in Stratford when I saw him standing across the street, and decided it was time to get moving again. This made it a long, long night for me.

Sighting 9, 8/3:

Time- 9:01 P.M.
Place- Route 287, between Stratford, Texas and Cactus, Texas
Distance- About twenty feet northwest of me on the road.
Day or Night?- Night
Other Notes-
This was another ordinary sighting for me, and I logged it and tried to ignore it.

Sighting 10, 8/3:

Time- 10:34 P.M.
Place- Route 287, just north of Cactus, Texas
Distance- Roughly sixteen feet south of me, halfway behind a tree.
Day or Night?- Night
Other Notes-
Another standard sighting.

Sighting 11, 8/4:

Time- 12:31 A.M.
Place- On the countryside south of Cactus, Texas
Distance- Standing over me as I woke up on a bench...
Day or Night?- Technically the next day, but for research purposes we're going with day as defined by whether it is light out and night as defined by whether it is dark. So, Night.
Other Notes-
Yeeeeeeah...I fell asleep on a bench by the road at around 11:37 P.M, thinking it was safe to go to sleep, and when I awoke it was too Mr. Faceless himself standing over me looking all calm and shit. It was scary and I ran away and he didn't seem to follow me, so I don't know if I got away safely or if he just felt like toying with me that time. Asshole.

Sighting 12, 8/4:

Time- 1:11 A.M.
Place- I'm not too sure, my entire body ached by this point and it was dark, and I was in the countryside still.
Distance- Approximately eighteen feet east of me, I think...?
Day or Night?- Night
Other Notes-
Standard sighting.

Sighting 13, 8/4:

Time- 1:45 A.M.
Place- Still the countryside of Texas, somewhere near Route 287 again I guess. I lost track.
Distance- Ten feet away exactly, I'd say.
Day or Night?- Night
Other Notes-
This is the last sighting before I fell asleep in a ditch by the side of the road without meaning to. It was fairly standard and I didn't awaken to Slenderman or anything. I only got about three hours of sleep there, though.

As you can see, out of 13 sightings on Wednesday, about 53% of these were day-time sightings and the other 47% or so were night-time sightings. If I missed logging any, they were probably during the evening, but I've gotten pretty good at spotting him and my eyesight is real good so I doubt it would have altered the results very much. Still, it was probably about a 50/50 toss up between day and night sightings, so what can we conclude from this?

Slenderman enjoys appearing as much during the day as he does during the night. I can't speculate on what this means about his nature, but I do believe it to be helpful to other Runners out there, so keep it in mind. You are not safe during the day, nor are you during the night. I know that isn't very cheerful or at all fun to hear, but it is the truth and you should avoid letting your guard down.

-Shannon's Log (X)

So, there you have my notes from Thursday afternoon, after the day was through. I logged the time, date, and place of each sighting like immediately after it happened, then filled in the blanks later. ...Now I am going to go to sleep in a hotel room for a few hours I guess because I'm dead tired and don't want to deal with the world for a while. I've felt bad since I woke up on that park bench, like something inside of me is wrong. Utterly wrong.

But I guess I'll feel better when I get to Elan in Austin, Texas. I have one or two experiments left before I get there, though, so watch out! >:3

Peace and Love,


  1. You lack a sighting seven child. Can't be sloppy.

  2. Oh my god that's...really strange and I'll have to check my notebook to see if I was actually being a bit clumsy in my recording. Thank you for the advice I swear I'm not usually sloppy with my science!!