Sunday, April 1, 2012


So this morning I woke up late to find Elan practically ON TOP of me, kissing me like crazy. He apparently got the email I sent him last night while he was asleep about how much I care about him and well. That was the result. <3 Then I got up and took a shower because apparently it isn't appropriate to stay in bed so late. I've forgotten all of these rules that are apparently meant to keep people in check or something and it bothers me. It hasn't been that long has it I mean c'mon.

But anyway, I got out of the shower a...little while later than expected...for...reasons we shall keep private dressed, and was on my way to eat lunch 'cause Cam baked a lot and ohmigaaaaawd she is a good cook. But on my way there, I kinda...sorta...I bumped into a lot.  I...guess I didn't think about this until now but...I used to wear glasses until they broke while I was on the run at some point.  So although I've trained myself to look out for Slenderman quite well out in the open, I'm terrible about seeing what is right in front of me and this ended up culminating in my shin banging into a coffee table very hard. There was a loud crack in fact.


But Elan came running in and he wanted to know what had happened because he's always fretting over me since I got here thinking I'll hurt myself or do something to get myself into trouble, which apparently he is right about.  He came in as I was holding my shin and on the floor and immediately did what he does best; he scooped me up and asked me what was wrong and made me feel better.  God I love that man so much......

ANYWAY. He asked me,

"Didn't you notice the coffee table, sweetheart? It's pretty obvious..."

 And of course that just made me feel like such an idiot because OF COURSE now that I've banged my shin into it it is INCREDIBLY obvious and I wonder why I didn't notice it in the first place.

"N-no, I guess...I guess I didn't see it because my eyesight is bad and I wasn't watching where I was going very well and I am not used to this apartment and and and please don't think I'm a moron!"

 I'm an ass. >////////////< 

"I don't think you're a moron, Shan, I just didn't know your eyesight is so bad... Do you need glasses or contacts or...something...?"


"Where are your glasses then?"  

And I had to answer him even though I just felt like such a fool...

"They um. They broke. A while ago, wh-while I was on the run." 

And he just shook his head and smiled that little smile he smiles and looked at me.

"Well then we're going to get you some new glasses tomorrow, first thing in the morning."

I can't believe this guy! He hasn't had me in his house a week and he's already spoiling me, guys! He's going to buy me glasses, which are damn expensive you know! I told him as much, I told him,

"No Elan, no! I coul-couldn't ask you to do something like that for've already been sweet enough hon." 

And he just laughed. If human beings can mentally  and emotionally melt, that was what I did right there.

"Don't worry about the price tag, you pick out whatever you want and I'll buy it for you. Nothing is too expensive for my dearest." 

And FFS how could I resist him? I couldn't that's how so I ended up agreeing to his demand that I get new glasses and we're going to get them tomorrow and he's going to take me out to dinner again afterwards and I am the luckiest girl. Just. Just um. I...don't know what else to say.  This little trip to Elan's has turned out so well, I don't want to go back on the run again once Slenderp shows up...the idea scares the hell outta me but if things go south I might have to go...I can't risk the man I love getting hurt or worse.....

I guess the point is I should stay happy and listen to what Elan says about positive thinking. He's incredibly smart and watching him work is almost as fascinating as watching him do anything is sexy. :P He makes me feel safe and that is all that matters right now. Although apparently I still can't adjust to regular people sleeping patterns, because I'm typing this at 3:30 in the morning and I only went to bed just 3 hours ago. Wtf. I'm too used to park benches for this normal bed stuff! D:

Oh well. Nocturnal I shall be! Maybe I should use this time to explore the apartment and think about some testing in the future...I need to get back to work on my experiments.

Peace and Love,

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